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Nesting is an instinctual behaviour for many pets, especially small mammals like guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and hamsters. It’s their way of creating a safe, comfortable space for resting, sleeping, and sometimes breeding. The Ecoshred Nest Bed will contain long shredded cardboard supporting these nesting habits by providing a soft, absorbent and sizeable material to create that special space, as well as short strands suitable for bedding, all in one big 18KG value bag!

Each strand of the longer shredded cardboard is long and robust, allowing your pets to fashion their nests according to their specific preferences, ensuring they are comfortable and content. The material is highly absorbent, reducing exposure to dampness and subsequently decreasing health risks like infections – a dry nest is a safe nest!

Nest building is more than just a hobby for animals; it’s a natural behaviour that contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. Offering suitable materials for your pet to nest can significantly improve their quality of life, and with the Ecoshred long shredded cardboard bedding, you can do just that. It’s an ideal nesting terrain yet gentle on our planet – it truly is the best in the market!

Pets need two types of bedding in their habitat: an absorbent substrate to line the bottom of their enclosure, and a nesting material that they can use to make a cosy burrow.

One to 2 inches of high-quality Ecoshred Bed should be placed at the bottom of the habitat. Paper-based bedding should be used instead of wood bedding because paper is digestible and will not obstruct a pet’s gastrointestinal tract if ingested. Cedar and unprocessed pine bedding products also have aromatic oils that can irritate a sensitive respiratory tracts. Therefore, they should be avoided.

Adding nesting material to a hamster’s enclosure can help them satisfy their natural desire to build nests, hide food, and burrow.


• All rodents need nesting material to regulate their body temperature and many rodents are highly motivated to build nests even when kept in warm conditions.
• Suitable materials are hay, shredded paper, paper strips and paper tissues.
• Provide your mice with a variety of different nesting materials to give them a choice over what they use and so they can build good nests.
• Do not provide your mice with nesting materials that separate into thin strands such as cotton wool or similar ‘fluffy’ bedding products. They pose a serious risk to their health and welfare. There is concern that this material can cause harm if eaten. Furthermore the thin strands that form in this material can be difficult to break. This can led to an animal becoming tangled up in its bedding, and/or loss of circulation in tangled limbs ?.

All of Ecoshred bedding products aren’t just about your pets’ comfort though; they are also about being kind to our planet. Manufactured from 100%locally  recycled cardboard, the product aligns with environmentally conscious pet owners. It’s a great way to provide your pets with the comfort they need while also making a statement about your commitment to environmental sustainability. The bedding is fully biodegradable and compostable, meaning you can responsibly dispose of it post-use.


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