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Our Vision for Change 


Healthy Pets!

Ecoshred Bed is animal bedding that benefits People, Pets and the Planet. However, we do not want to be another company that “greenwashes” customers. Greenwashing is a common term used where companies tell you what they are doing for the environment and communities without actually proving how or if they are doing it. Here’s your chance to join our journey on what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong as our story evolves, so we can show you what we are doing – which is the right way!

We love stories (real life ones) and we are dedicated to showing you the Ecoshred Bed vision for change. We do this at our social enterprise called Behind The Stable Door where we are delighted to make our product solely out of recyclable material that has a biodegradable reuse life. However, like every other socially centred company we have things to still improve on. Our mission is to allow you to follow our journey of change if you want to right here is our story book.  We hide nothing, including our struggles, we hope you enjoy reading our stories, the good and the bad.  

Read Our stories from Behind The Stable Door in a book format here and Understand why we value your support so much:

For Our ePub Story Book Click Here!

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