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DIY Drinking Bottles
Yield: 1 water drinking bottle

DIY Drinking Bottles

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: under £10

At Ecoshred Bed, we've done our homework and tested out a ton of nipples (yes, you read that right) and drinkers to find the best one that won't leak all over your floors. We've found an inexpensive drinking end nipple to reduce water wastage, so your pet can still enjoy their drink without leaving a trail of chaos behind them. What’s more we are offering Ecoshred Bed customers a chance to try this for free (limited to one pack per customer). Just click on the free water drinker pack when ordering your next bag and it will be placed inside your dispatch envelope. Limited to one per customer.

Not only is making your own pet water bottle eco-friendly, it's also practical – no more spilled water! Plus, it'll save you some cash and make use of materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Assembling our eco-friendly pet drinking bottle is a breeze – even the DIY challenged can handle it! So let's not just reduce plastic waste in human care, let’s work together to give our furry friends a healthy and green future too. At Ecoshred Bed we believe pet care shouldn’t cost the earth.

As usual proper cleaning and maintenance of your pet's water bottle is crucial to ensure their health and safety. However, these nipples can be easily taken off and transferred to another bottle if the one you have is getting a bit pet weary. But we're not just recycling materials here – we're using top-notch sustainable options to create our eco-friendly pet products. So go ahead and feel good about your purchases with us.

Choosing eco-conscious products isn't just good for the environment, it's good for the animals who call it home too. Trust us, our recycled pet drinking bottle is a game-changer for small pets. It's easy to use, sustainable, and you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing your pet drink from something you made yourself. After all Pet Care shouldn’t cost the earth.

In conclusion, every little decision counts when it comes to taking care of our planet and our pets. So let's start by making a simple change and choosing an eco-friendly option for your pet's water bottle. Follow the instructions and check out the video below 👇


  • 1, 150ml drinking bottle emptied and cleaned out
  • 1, drinking end nipple (Ecoshred Bed have tested these and only keep the best non drip ones).
  • Something to hang your bottle on the cage or hutch. Ecoshred Bed also provide a simple bottle hanger in the kits but please use what you are comfortable with to hang your bottles


  • 1, drill (borrowed or preowned hopefully, belonging to a DIY champion).
  • 1, 11 mm spanner for screwing and unscrewing the nipple ends off the bottles
  • 1, drill end to cut holes in the bottle, needs to be 9mm, can be supplied by Ecoshred Bed as part of our bottle making kits.


    Put the drill end on the end of your drill

    Take your bottle and drill with a hole in the bottle of the bottle right in the middle spot in the centre.

    The hole needs to be 9mm for the nipple to screw in tightly. So keep an eye on that you have a 9mm drill bit when drilling the hole. If you don't your bottle will leak!

    Take the drill and drill another hole in the lid of the bottle. This does not need to be accurate in size it just needs to be a hole. This MUST BE DONE because the nipple end needs air or it Will Not Work! Your pet will not get any water out of the nipple, they require air to let the water down.

    NOW wash out the bottle washing out any loose plastic fragments from the drill BEFORE you screw in the nipple

    You can screw the nipple into the lid or the bottom. We tried both ways and choose the lid as it is easier to fill the water and hang the bottle from the lid than the bottom.

    Screw your nipple in, using your 11mm spanner and fill your bottle from the lid with fresh water 3/4 full should be plenty.

    Test your nipple by just gently tapping it and the water should come out. The screw should be tight in the bottle, so no leaking.

    You can unscrew the nipple with the same spanner (11mm) if you want to take it back off and place it on another bottle.

    Hang the bottle in the enclosure with the clip hanger supplied by Ecoshred Bed or your own method of hanging.

    Feel fantastic that you've just made your first pet drinker and made use of plastic that was designed for single use into something super long lasting!


Can be used for

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Poultry
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Chinchillas

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