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Guinea Pigs on Ecoshred Bed
Yield: Happy Pets!

Bed Down your pets with Ecoshred Bed

Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Estimated Cost: £9.99

EcoShred Bed is an award winning animal bedding made from Grade A packaging cardboard waste, the only grade that should be used for animal bedding in accordance with the Environment agency. It  is clean, heat treated and has only been discarded for labelling or colour defaults and has undergone multiple testing and is fully licensed for assured quality safety for your Pets.

We have made EcoShred Bed as absorbent as possible to save you time cleaning out your pets and keep money in your pockets by making it last longer. Keep your pet fresh and environment fresher, tested on the messiest of pets! See cleaning instructions below.

  • Made from egg cartons straight from the factory, uncontaminated egg cartons, that have been heat treated to 200oF
  • Shredded from 10mm to 15mm and double dust extracted for respiratory health
  • Packaged accordingly to customer requirements in Biodegradable and Recycled plastic packaging
  • Coloured material, colours will vary
  • Fully tested and licensed Recycling Facility
  • High absorbency due to the nature of the egg cartons, that are designed for soakage making your bed last longer and odour control is superior
  • Great fun colours
  • Easier to clean out and remove less
  • Biodegradable, small shred and soiling gives cardboard ideal conditions to break down fast
  • Less thrown away
  • Makes great, warm mulch as a secondary use after animal bedding
  • Can be disposed of in your brown bin for excellent compost
  • Choosing Ecoshred has huge environmental benefits:
  • Saving reusable material from being added to landfill
  • Saving reusable material traveling as far as China to be disposed of
  • 100% recycled material, less trees harvested
  • More biodegradable than other bedding
  • Makes great compost
  • Colour will vary!


  • One bag of Ecoshred Bed from a 2KG bag you will get two uses for pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats.
  • For more uses get the 18KG bag which will give you 8 changes!


  • You just need your hands to open the bag and spread it out.


    A common question is does Ecoshred Bed need a layer of anything underneath it. Ecoshred Bed does not need a layer of anything underneath.  While some people like using pads, we advise against it for environmental reasons and safety reasons because if pads are chewed they become a choking hazard, and it is is an unecessary expense if you are using Ecoshred Bed.  Ecoshred Bed will keep the bottom of your hutches and set ups dry, keep your friends dry and cosy with less cleaning than conventional bedding. Our customers are reporting up to a month with the 7KG bag, so 20KG bags will give you great value between changes, and it LASTS LONGER!

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